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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Enjoy Every Night at Friendly Passage

At Rainy Lake, both night and day allows for fantastic views. After a long day enjoy the moonlight light up the lake. If you enjoy late nights, the stars are out of this world. They spot the sky like a … Continue reading

A Little Slice of Home

Friendly Passage’s private cabin rental gets you to one of the most remote parts of the lake. After a 30-40 minute boat ride up Rainy Lake you will feel completely secluded. A little slice of home is always a pleasant … Continue reading

Our Pet Eagle

Up here at the Friendly Passage private cabin you are one with the wilderness. This Eagle here has resided on Rainy Lake since birth, and chose to nest on nearby Little Dry Island, always in full view of his meals. … Continue reading

The Sand Beach is Fun for Every One

The Sand Beach by Breezy Island is a short boat ride away. In Friendly Passage on Rainy Lake every one will be able to enjoy the rays. Every one needs time to relax and unwind and this private cabin will … Continue reading

Sunshowers and Rainbows

After an evening storm passed the island, the sun decided to give us this gem. At Friendly Passage on Rainy Lake these occasions are priceless as you enjoy and relax on your cabin get-away.

Cliff Jumping on nearby Breezy Island

Take a sunny day and travel to near by Breezy Island. A small sand island and these cliffs will allow the whole crew to have a nice day on Rainy Lake near by Friendly Passage. The cliffs are 20 feet … Continue reading

Gettin’ a bit Squirrley up in Friendly Passage

It gets a bit squirrely at Friendly Passage on Rainy Lake once in awhile. This young red squirrel decided he wanted to go on a boat ride. Enjoy wildlife at it’s finest up in Friendly Passage on Rainy Lake’s East … Continue reading

We can take you up to Friendly Passage on Rainy Lake

Enjoy your ride up the lake on the Searay. 23 feet of smooth riding on beautiful mornings and evenings. The 30 minute boat ride up Rainy Lake to Friendly Passage will give you the true remote cabin get-away.

Blueberry Picking on Rainy Lake

Blueberry picking has ended for the year but the patches around Friendly Passage on Rainy Lake grew like concord grapes. Easy picking at peak season will ensure some fresh blueberry pancakes or pies!

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