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Getting Here

What to Bring

Along with your favorite foods, beverages and snacks, you will want to bring your own coffee. (Liquor limits apply when entering from the United States.) The cabin has no laundry facilities, so plan ahead for clothing. You will want binoculars for constant wildlife viewing. And your toiletry needs should be brought from home.

What Not to Bring

The cabin is fully furnished, including all kitchen utensils, dishes and cookware. Pillows, sheets and plenty of blankets are supplied along with an extra set of sheets. Rainy Lake supplies the drinking water, which we filter. Leave behind your stress.

Length of Stay

An ideal time on the island would be five nights/six days. We encourage lengthening your stay and are open to long-term rental. Shorter trips are negotiable.

Where We Are

Our island lies in Northwestern Ontario, right on the United States-Canada border and just west of the Quetico and Boundary Waters canoe areas. We are on the east arm of Rainy Lake, one of an outer ring of islands on the southeast side of Friendly Passage. We like to think we are in heaven.

How You Get There

Visitors can make their own way to the island; we can provide a lead boat to direct you. We can also provide transportation in both directions with our modern cabin cruiser. We can carry a family of four and their gear, limited to 70 pounds per person.

Those coming from the United States can park their car at Seegert’s Resort off Highway 11 East, about 8 miles east of International Falls. The trip to the island covers 28 miles of gorgeous lake country. We prefer an early morning or late afternoon start to catch the best weather. We can also pick up guests in Canada at Taylor’s Cove, about ten miles east of Fort Frances. Call us for details.

Once You Get There

You will be given a tour of the island and all cabin amenities at the start of your visit. We also instruct visitors on water safety and navigation challenges presented by this glacier-carved lake. We will be on hand to answer any questions or emergencies during the length of your stay. We have emergency communications at the ready.

Entry into Canada and the United States

The international Border runs through the middle of Rainy Lake. Friendly Passage lies just inside the Canadian borderline. If you are not a Canadian citizen you will need:

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