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Your Private Island Getaway on Rainy Lake

view from cabin living room
cabin's modern kitchen
extrerior view of cabin
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Your Hosts

The island has been family-owned since 1952. And the family is legendary in the modern history of Rainy Lake, boasting of four generations in the forestry, fishing and tourism industries. A wealth of family lore is available for the asking. Your hosts will be on the island at all times in their own residence just a short trail through the woods away.

The Island

This four-acre pine-covered granite gem is a world unto itself. Nestled amid Canadian Crown lands in the never-developed east end of the expansive Rainy Lake, Friendly Passage presents a unique opportunity to unwind, soak in and reconnect. Loon calls and eagle wings. Sparkling waves lapping the shore. Swaying pines sighing in the breeze. They’re all there for your pleasure.

Our Offer to You

We invite guests to share our own island paradise! We offer for rent to a small group or family a single just-completed cabin set in one of the most beautiful remote locations in the world.